Feature Icons

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  • Garment is made in Africa

  • Garments require little or no ironing and are often crease resistant

  • Fabric has water resistant properties

  • Fabric has wind resistant properties

  • The garment contains fluorescent colours and/or reflective tape to increase visibility

  • Product is manufactured with the environment in mind

  • A special wash process which yields a softer, more supple garment

  • Fabric or garment is waterproof

  • Product offers superior resistance to fading

  • Fabric offers multi-dimensional stretch allowing flexibility and a more tailored fit

  • A superior quality dyeing process ensures brighter colours and prevents fibres from weakening during the printing process

  • The garment contains breathable moisture management fabric which wicks perspiration from the skin to the outer surface and dries quickly through evaporation

  • A process where the shorter cotton fibres are discarded and
    impurities removed,
    making the yarn stronger, smoother, softer and more compact